What We Do!

Marketplace for Kids is a nationally recognized model. Outreach and technical assistance is provided to school districts, consortium of schools, youth organizations, and associations interested in Youth Entrepreneurship.

What is an Education Day?

Each Education Day offers students, teachers, parents, and participants the opportunity to:

  • Attend short, hands-on classes/activities designed to explore career fields, personal development, financial literacy, leadership skills, new technology and discover entrepreneurship.
  • Explore the “Hall of Great Ideas.” Students create projects using their 21st Century Learning Skills - Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. The Sights and Sounds of INNOVATION fill the hall; with each student receiving recognition for all of their hard work.

    (Although encouraged to do so, students are not required to create a project to participate. Students not showcasing a project simply attend an additional class and visit the "Hall of Great Ideas.")

  • Network with others. Students, teachers, and parents have an opportunity to meet other students, teachers, business and community leaders, to learn how they can collaborate to make their communities brighter places.
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