Inspirational Feedback

Inspirational Feedback
We’d like to share an inspiring quote! Connie’s quote truly summarizes the Marketplace for Kids mission!

“Marketplace for Kids does a fantastic job of igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship in students. The activities are designed to help them become comfortable with change while learning to thrive on positive competition. Lessons, based on standards and benchmarks, help students develop the skills needed for recognizing possible entrepreneurship opportunities and then show them how to organize their ideas for development and growth of actual products. Marketplace for Kids helps to extend thinking skills and encourages risk-taking with forethought. It also teaches students how to use an integrated approach to designing products, which is absolutely relevant in today's global environment. But most of all, it makes learning fun, exciting and challenging!”

Connie Smith, Honorary Chair Marketplace for Kids, Advisory Leadership Team Retired Educator and Administrator, Jamestown

Education Day Theme


Education Day Theme
This year’s theme is a repeat from last year, but a good one! The Gears of Innovation theme is meant to get your students thinking creatively while using critical thinking and problem solving skills.
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Let the Gears of Innovation Inspire You!

Project based learning encourages students to stretch their thinking in more creative, divergent ways to solve problems and create new ideas.


Volunteers and Staff are available to come into your classrooms or after school to help students with their projects! Call 1-855-434-KIDS(5473)!

Innovation in Technology Challenge